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LivresFP (BooksFP) is a super easy to use interactive book (flippingbook) Joomla component. This will allow you to easily present your documents in the form of a flip book on your Joomla site.

Open your component, enter a title, insert your photos using a "Drag & Drop" function and LivresFP takes care of the rest.

Ditto for PDF files: Drag and drop your file, and all is right.

Our interactive book component for Joomla, perfectly presents books as well as portfolios, photos or articles. See the component demonstration attached.

This interactive book for Joomla can be positioned anywhere on your page and is responsive. You can even put LivresFP in an article through the use of its Joomla content plugin.

This flipping book for Joomla works on all platforms including iPhone, iPad and Android mobile phones.

For books with a large amount of pages and which may slow down the display of your web page, LivresFP has a "Lazy loading" function. However, it is advisable not to use images that are too heavy.

Image of the front cover of the BookFP documentation
Autor : Fabrice PELLETIER

In this book you will find the documentation for the BooksFP component for Joomla.

Featured of LivresFP Pro:

  • Insertion of images by "Drag / Drop" function
  • Compatible with PDF files.
  • Selection of the pages of the PDF file to import.
  • Responsive
  • HTML5 compatible
  • No flash use
  • This interactive Joomla book works on iPhone, iPad, smartphone as well as all browsers.
  • LivresFP has a full screen display feature to make reading easier while maintaining a small footprint on your page.
  • Zoom less, zoom more.
  • Management of Joomla tags.
  • Advanced SEO function: allows you to have a user-friendly link pointing to each page of your book.
  • Left-to-right or right-to-left display option available for each book.
  • Insertion of comments possible for each page of the book.
  • Joomla content plugin and xtd-button plugin available to easily insert your interactive Joomla books into your articles.
  • Search plugin for Joomla allowing search in book and page comments.
  • Using "alt" tags for images
  • Reorganization of the page order possible at any time.
  • Customizable background and font size.
  • View page thumbnails to quickly jump from one page to another.
  • Possibility of going directly to a page by entering its number.
  • You don't have to have the same format for all your images, your interactive book will display them full page.
  • Lazy loading function available for books with many pages.
  • RSS feed available depending on the postings.
  • Button allowing the download of the book.
  • 4 component displays in addition to the plugin: Book, Featured books, Books in a category, Book categories.
  • No copyright.

More details on our Joomla interactive book extension: Consult the book containing its online documentation.

One option is missing: Don't hesitate to ask. We will meet your need.

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